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                                   Global warming and CO2 compensation

                                      While enjoying spectacular sceneries, I often witness how fragile the ecosystems are, especially in the North.
                                    I also noticed proofs of the Global warming in the form of glacier retrieval, unusual storm and high precipitation.


                                    I decided to compensate the emission of carbon dioxide generated by flying and driving on location by

                                    contributing to the "ACTION CARBONE" program to help fighting against Global warming.

                                    This program helps you to calculate your CO2 emission and invites you to donate the according sum of money.


                                    Donations are used in projects which will help reducing CO2 emission such as: solar cookers in the Andes, energy

                                    efficiency in Cambodia, tree planting in Chile and Colombia, biogas tanks in China, solar panels in Brazil etc...


                                    Now join us and calculate your CO2 emission  (in French):

Compensate your CO2 emissions

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